Why Minimal Invasive or Robotic Surgery?

Get back to work and enjoying life faster! One of the fastest-healing and advanced heart surgery procedures.

Traditional Breastbone

Heals in 3 months
Longer Recovery Time
No Driving for Six Weeks
12 inch Full Chest Incision
Broken Breastbone
Moderate Pain
Risk of Post-operative Infections
No Heavy Lifting for 12 Weeks
Longer Hospital Stay May be Required
Cosmetically Unappealing

Minimally Invasive & Robotic Surgery by Mr Modi

Heals in 1-3 weeks
Faster Recovery Time
Can Drive After Four Weeks Only
2-4 cm Incision
No Broken Breastbone
Virtually No Visible Scarring
Minimal Pain
Greatly Reduced Risk of Post-operative Infections
No Lifting Restrictions
Shorter Hospital Stays (about 2-4 days)
Superb Cosmetic Results

Watch Mr. Modi on The BBC Performing 1st Robotic Valve Surgery in UK

Minimally Invasive Mitral Valve Repair Broadcast on The BBC

Patient Testimonials

After my heart surgery within 6 weeks I was embarking upon a 30 hour journey to Brazil.

A Happy Patient

I was back playing 18 holes on the golf course one week after my keyhole mitral valve repair.

A Happy Patient