Patient Stories

“My rapid pain free recovery is all due to Mr Modi and his team performing this pioneering operation”

“My name is Ken Williams; I am 69 years old and retired. On Tuesday 13th Mar 2012 I had minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery at The Royal Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. The operation was performed by Mr P Modi, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, and a team of dedicated medical personnel. The operation was filmed by the BBC One Show.

My post operative memory only starts at 8pm on Wednesday when I arrived on the ward from Critical Care. I soon drifted off to sleep knowing that the operation had been a success and it was up to me to regain my fitness as soon as possible. I awoke on Thursday morning with no pain, hungry and ready to try getting back on my feet. I was encouraged to get up and use the toilet, this I did but was very weak and had to rest each time I got up. Friday arrived and I felt much better, went for my first walk down the corridor with the physiotherapist who seemed pleased with my progress so I started to walk every hour or so with rests in-between then treated myself to a shower and shave, this felt really good! Friday was much the same as the day before, plenty of walking and regaining my strength, I felt I was ready to go home. Mr Modi phoned on Saturday and asked whether I would like to go home which of course I said yes. My stitches were removed, paperwork completed and I was back home by 5pm the same day.

“My rapid pain free recovery is all due to Mr Modi and his team performing this pioneering operation”

Once home I realised I would have to start a fitness routine that would enable me to make a full recovery from my operation. Walking seemed to be the best option so I set myself goals of a mile in the morning and another in the afternoon. I recruited a neighbour to accompany me and for the next week we put many miles in, building up to four miles a day. On day eleven post op Mr Modi said I could start driving once more which I did with no problems. Restarting playing golf was my next goal, so 14 days after my operation I walked and caddied for my regular partners, completing 18 holes with no trouble, previously I used to get short of breath after 12 holes! I walked and caddied on a number of other occasions until finally played a game of golf on day 23 with no ill effects. On Sunday the 27th April I completed the Hope Mountain Charity Walk of 11 miles in atrocious weather and I considered myself to be fully fit once more. My rapid pain free recovery is all due to Mr Modi and the team performing this pioneering operation, which should be available to all patients with this complaint.”

Ever grateful, sincerely yours

Ken Williams