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“My rapid pain free recovery is all due to Mr Modi and his team performing this pioneering operation”

I am 69 years old and retired. I had minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery at The Royal Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. The operation was performed by Mr P Modi, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, and a team of dedicated medical personnel. The operation was filmed by the BBC One Show.

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“I have a near invisible scar which cannot even be seen in low cut dresses or a bikini.”

I am a 36 year old mum of 2 small children and I had minimally invasive mitral valve surgery in 2011 under the care of Mr Paul Modi. I had this surgery at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital and the care I received both pre operatively in the clinic, during my short stay in hospital and afterwards was second to none and I could not recommend Mr Modi or the hospital more highly.

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“After my heart surgery within 6 weeks I was embarking upon a 30 hour journey to the South of Brazil.”

My heart condition had suddenly become more acute being described as “Moderate to severe Mitral Valve regurgitation". I researched heavily the whole subject of “Mitral Valve” repair and / or replacement. After intensive research it became very apparent that whilst the more normal approach was a “Sternotomy” (a procedure which I most definitely DID NOT RELISH) there was an alternative procedure using minimally invasive techniques through a small incision on the right-hand side of the chest. Further investigation showed that there was only a few surgeons with significant experience with this procedure in the UK one of whom, Mr Paul Modi, was based at the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital. Thank you Paul, thank you Ken and indeed thank you to the whole team including Jaci who came to see me during my stay and thank you Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital … THANK YOU.

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“Within only a few weeks of the operation I was able to walk miles each day, uphill as well as on the flat.”

I was diagnosed, aged 55, with a badly leaking mitral valve. My cardiologist had recently heard of Paul Modi’s pioneering work at LHCH and referred me to him. I was allowed home four days after the operation. I cannot praise enough the excellence of the service provided by Paul Modi and his team at LHCH.

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“Myxoma tumour completed removed with no visible scarring. ”

I am a 33 year old diagnosed with tumour called a myxoma in the left atrium. I underwent a minimally invasive procedure using a 6cm incision hidden under my right breast. The tumour was completely removed and I went home 4 days later. I got married 2 weeks later and danced most of the night without a single visible scar in my wedding dress.

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“Mr Paul Modi successfully did a minimally invasive surgery whereas other two surgeons I had consulted prior to him suggested traditional open heart by cutting open the front of the chest. I made the right decision by choosing Mr Modi and Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital.”

In December 2017 I was diagnosed as having mitral valve prolapse with severe blood regurgitation backing into the heart. Lead surgeons at two hospitals recommended traditional open heart (via the sternum) surgery i.e. by opening the front of the chest. A family member then researched keyhole / minimally invasive heart operation and found a video shot by the BBC of Mr Paul Modi – lead surgeon at Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital performing minimally invasive surgery on a mitral valve. Mr Modi had performed nearly double the amount of the mitral valve repairs of the other two surgeons combined. The operation was scheduled swiftly and completed successfully and I left the hospital 5 days after surgery.

It was not just Mr Modi’s experience and success rate but his empathy, approach, and confidence in dealing with me as a patient that made me feel most comfortable.

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“Three main points stood out for me when the consultant was explaining the robotic heart repair surgery to me and they were that the recovery time is quicker, it is less invasive and that the patients who undergo the robotic surgery can be discharged from the hospital earlier.”

I really can’t thank Paul and all the staff involved with my operation enough. Everyone was just great before, during and after the operation. I don’t think I was the world’s best patient the night after the operation but everyone was just so understanding and so caring. The treatment that I have had at both the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital and at the “Royal” just cannot be faulted and everyone I have spoken with has said that we are so lucky to live in a city with a hospital that is staffed by such amazing people and I wholeheartedly agree with them.

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